National Road Pricing Scheme a possibility again – apparently

This report in the Telegraph claims that the Government are going ahead with plans to test satellite-based tracking with a view to using it as the basis of a national road-pricing scheme.

It was also the Telegraph that broke the story last October that these plans had apparently been shelved, or “back burnered” as it was put. It’s now clear that far from being shelved the plans for tests into the viability of national road charging are now at an advanced stage, with trials set to start in January 2010.

Personally I see little problem with the concept of a national road-charging scheme, however it seems clear to me that these trials will be a multi-million pound waste of money with huge potential profits for consultancy firms but little, if any, chance of the plans actually reaching fruition. It seems entirely likely that there will be at least one change of government before any national road-charging scheme is introduced and I don’t believe that any party will have the political will to see this through.

It’s only necessary to look at what’s happening in Manchester at the moment to see that motorists and the business community will use any argument possible to promote Read More…

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Posted by Alec at 7:49 pm, August 18, 2008

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ANOTHER Fuel Protest from Lymm Truck Stop

These protests are getting very boring now and have achieved nothing, nor were they ever likely to.

The plans for the latest protest were reported by the Manchester Evening News here. It makes very interesting reading, even if it is wildly innacurate and slightly sensationalist.

According to the article “In June, 80 lorry drivers – plus around two dozen other motorists – took part in another Saturday morning go-slow convoy on the M6, starting from Lymm and heading south”. Actually I counted 55 vehicles including an ice-cream van, a cement mixer, a couple of limos and a few couriers‘ vans. Maybe the spare lorry drivers were in the limos. Oh, and they Read More…

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White Van Man Fuel Protest

You’ll never get the 25p rebate in a van. There’d be no sensible way of calculating it without tachos and if it applies to us it would have to apply to every computer engineer, florist, pizza man, builder etc.

There’s a VERY slim chance that the truckers will get their rebate (which will be bad news for us) but I can’t see that there’s any chance whatsoever that it would be extended to van operators.

The government are even refusing ‘essential user rebates’ to the Police, the NHS, the Fire Service and local authorities. That will result in a budget deficit for these genuinely ‘essential users’ and huge council tax increases for us next year – more importantly though, if the NHS aren’t getting a rebate for shifting sick people to A&E are we likely to get one for shifting some worthless junk around the country?


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Fuel Protest from Lymm Truck Stop

“Scores of lorry drivers” apparently, well maybe just about ‘scores’. 55 vehicles in total I made it, including 5 or so bikes, an ice-cream van, a cement mixer, a couple of limos and a few vans. It wouldn’t have caused any problems at all if the police hadn’t blocked the outside lane.

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Fuel protests – good or bad publicity for the transport industry

Probably good, that’s what sheeple are like.

I can’t be arsed explaining how I’ve formed my opinion but I actually think that there’s a very good chance that high fuel prices will be good for the same day courier industry in the long term.

Not particularly good for anyone in the short term I admit – but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Roll on the £2 litre.

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Posted by Alec at 6:13 pm, June 5, 2008

Fuel Protest-Time to Act now, join the convoy.

So you’re protesting in Scotland and delivering your fuel price petition to the Scottish Parliament?

That would that be the same Scottish Parliament that doesn’t control fuel duty anyway and is already screaming at Darling that they want a share of the increased oil revenues in order that they can subsidise fuel in Scotland.

If you wanted to send a message to Alistair Darling wouldn’t you be better delivering the petition to his constituency office? 22A Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BB, 0131 476 2552

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Fuel Protest

A go slow on the M60/M62? That would be about as effective as a go slow at J11 to J6 at rush hour Gill. Nobody would notice the difference.

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Time for Action National Fuel Protest

someone wrote:
Maybe the government should put a set rate of duty on fuel, not a %??

Therfore protecting us in future from increased duty based soley on the trade cost of fuel?

It already is a set rate of duty, it’s never been a percentage rate. Currently 52.35p/litre and if fuel was £2 or 95p/litre the duty would still be 52.35p/litre.

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Posted by Alec at 4:07 pm, June 3, 2008