Crystal Segments T/a Event Domain ( and Clear Debt Solutions Ltd (CDS) – scammers or terminally stupid?

Unlike most things I write this doesn’t really have much relevance to the same day courier industry but these scamming fools have annoyed me so much that I’ve got to write about them somewhere – and this is as good a place as any.

Back in March 2009 I added a free listing for my business on the website – “Web Directory for the Conference, Hospitality and Event industry”. Almost three years later these scammers are pursuing my company for an alleged debt for advertising on their site. I’m not the sort of person to be taken in by scams like this, so they won’t be getting a penny from us. Hopefully anybody else who’s being harassed for non-existent debts by this shower of conmen will find this article and be armed with the information they need to avoid being harassed into paying up.

At the time we registered on their site it displayed a clickable ad: “Add your company for FREE – Register Today”. Clicking the ad led to another page containing the following text:

Standard Listing

Drive targeted Event-sector visitors to your business

A standard entry with Eventdomain gets you the following:

It provides the first stage in advertising and gives you basic internet presence
It’s a low cost way for you to be found
It will help in ranking you in the search engines

It also mentions an enhanced ‘Sponsored Listing’ at a cost of £40 for 13 months.

Being a cheapskate and not being the sort of person who would ever pay to advertise on some tinpot directory site with a very limited presence I entered our details for the Standard Listing. I received Read More…

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Posted by Alec at 6:13 pm, February 2, 2012

Promotional items for courier companies

You’re thinking about promotional mouse-mats, promotional pens and promotional mugs all printed with your company name?

I once spent about 15 minutes trying to log on to the ‘Network’ to get a mobile number for someone only to realise that the pen that I’d been using for the last month had their name and number on it.

I think that companies get so many business cards, pens, mousemats etc that they just become oblivious to them – it’s like the banner adverts on the top of a webpage; you look at them the first time you use t’internet but after a while you don’t even notice them.

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It’s a front for Ufindus/Iomart. Click here if you’re not already aware of them.

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118 trades

Never dealt with them – except to tell them to F*** off every time they ring. They’re an obvious con though – trading on the back of their links with the ‘Verification Association’, which is actually a limited company owned by the same people.

And then there’s all this stuff.

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It’s and it seems a bit dodgy to me.

I don’t know what it was like in your region but they blitzed the North West with television advertising last year (or maybe early this year). At the same time we received loads of sales calls from them explaining what a fantastic service it was, how it had generated such fantastic brand-awareness with their television advertising etc.

I’ve not seen one of their adverts for at least 6 months now and their sales calls (thankfully) seem to have dried up. A cynical person might believe that they’re targetting each TV region in turn, and hassling companies into signing up with them on the strength of their TV advertising. Once they’ve attracted their target number of mug punters in the region they could then move on to the next region.

The thing is everyone knows Yell & Thomson – but the fact that you couldn’t even spell ufindus demonstrates that they have some way to go to generate the level of brand-awareness that they would like you to believe they possess.

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Posted by Alec at 2:55 pm, August 16, 2006

Another Scam – Charity Calendars, Diaries and Wallplanners

Barrington House were turning over £3.5 million a year with their charity calendar scam – so that’s over 100,000 companies that fell for it each year and there were at least 5 other companies running similar operations.

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Posted by Alec at 4:04 pm, August 1, 2006