Allstar Fuel Card Services and their £2 Network Service Fee

I’ve just been reading that Allstar Fuel Card Services have introduced a £2 ‘network service fee’ every time someone uses one of their cards to pay for fuel.

If the responses of the small number of same day courier company owners who’ve noticed this extra charge are anything to go by, the company had done little to inform their customers of this new charge – several seeming to have only realised when their invoices have arrived or when the matter was raised recently on an industry forum.

Looking at Allstar’s website leaves me wondering how they can impose these charges while continuing to make the claim that small and medium businesses will ‘only pay actual price of fuel used’ ( . I’m surprised that they consider that paying an extra £2 every time you fill your tank can be considered only paying the actual price of the fuel. I consider it as charging an extra 5p/litre on a typical 40 litre top-up.

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Posted by Alec at 3:05 pm, January 28, 2013