Courier company desperate for a bit of publicity

The Scotsman reports here that Eagle Couriers’ staff were apparently “left stunned” when they realised that a package they had collected was addressed to Nicole Kidman.

So did they send a same day courier to hand-deliver it to her on a film set? Did they deliver to her house and she signed for it at the front door in person with her curlers in and wearing a dressing-gown? Is that why the delivery caused “quite a bit of excitement”? No, they took it to the international courier company that carries out their international consignments and it was them that organised the delivery to Hollywood.

I can only imagine that couriers in Scotland must lead very sheltered lives if a delivery addressed to an actress causes them any level of excitement whatsoever – I can’t imagine any other courier company even having the time to notice the name on a parcel as they input it onto their system, particularly as they were just acting as a middleman and not carrying out the delivery themselves.

While I can appreciate that this ‘story’ is just a blown up load of crap issued by Eagle’s PR agency they must surely realise how sad and desperate it makes them sound. Couriers throughout the UK deliver hundreds of items to famous people every day without issuing press releases about it – it’s just part of the job after all.

In an earlier press release Eagle Couriers announced that they had been awarded a contract with the NHS delivering, among other things, confidential medical records and had ‘earned security clearance’ to make deliveries of important Government documents, files and information.

One would hope that a company which is tasked with carrying confidential information would be slightly less excitable about seeing a famous name on a package and less inclined to issue press releases divulging the recipients of their clients’ deliveries.

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Posted by Alec at 9:02 am, July 29, 2008

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