ANOTHER Fuel Protest from Lymm Truck Stop

These protests are getting very boring now and have achieved nothing, nor were they ever likely to.

The plans for the latest protest were reported by the Manchester Evening News here. It makes very interesting reading, even if it is wildly innacurate and slightly sensationalist.

According to the article “In June, 80 lorry drivers – plus around two dozen other motorists – took part in another Saturday morning go-slow convoy on the M6, starting from Lymm and heading south”. Actually I counted 55 vehicles including an ice-cream van, a cement mixer, a couple of limos and a few couriers‘ vans. Maybe the spare lorry drivers were in the limos. Oh, and they went north from Lymm, not south. An excellent piece of reporting.

Anyway, back to the planned protest on 19th July. apparently there were to have been at least 100 people involved, setting off from Lymm Services (Poplar 2000 truckstop) and heading into Manchester.

Skip forward to the day after the protest and the MEN story here is rather more realistic. “A PLANNED weekend protest against the price of fuel ended up with just five lorries, five cars and two motor bikes taking part.”

There’s a few quotes from people saying how strongly everyone feels about fuel prices, my favourite is from a Mr Gwil Ritchie who said that he had seen his costs go up by 35 per cent for fuel for his business costing him thousands of pounds and apparently added “You can’t put 35 per cent on top of your prices”.

This is quite possibly more innacurate reporting from the MEN, or maybe Mr Ritchie actualy believes that a 35% increase in fuel prices corresponds to a 35% rise in overall operating costs.

Without doubt anyone in the transport industry who doesn’t put their prices up to account for the increase in fuel prices is heading for trouble, but a 35% increase in fuel costs doesn’t need a 35% in rates to pay for it.

Anyone who says that customers ‘won’t pay’ rates which reflect the rising cost of fuel needs to have a serious think about the damage that THEY are doing to the transport industry. Your competitors have exactly the same fuel costs as you do and the customers still need their stuff moving. If everyone takes a realistic view on pricing then there will be no need for these fuel protests and we can contine to run our businesses while benefiting from the lower numbers of cars on the road.

According to the MEN article from 13th July *Britain’s Revolting spokesman* Duncan Barrow said “People have had enough. I commute in every day [from Crewe] and my weekly fuel bill is £75. It is not sustainable.”

No, an 80 mile round-trip commute clearly isn’t sustainable, why not move closer to Manchester or get a job closer to home, or even get the train?

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Posted by Alec at 2:36 pm, July 29, 2008

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