White Van Man Fuel Protest

You’ll never get the 25p rebate in a van. There’d be no sensible way of calculating it without tachos and if it applies to us it would have to apply to every computer engineer, florist, pizza man, builder etc.

There’s a VERY slim chance that the truckers will get their rebate (which will be bad news for us) but I can’t see that there’s any chance whatsoever that it would be extended to van operators.

The government are even refusing ‘essential user rebates’ to the Police, the NHS, the Fire Service and local authorities. That will result in a budget deficit for these genuinely ‘essential users’ and huge council tax increases for us next year – more importantly though, if the NHS aren’t getting a rebate for shifting sick people to A&E are we likely to get one for shifting some worthless junk around the country?


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Posted by Alec at 8:48 pm, July 3, 2008

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