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About this site:

‘Rants, Replies & Repeating Myself’ is just a collection of the posts that I’ve made on various courier forums over the last few years.

I found that I was answering the same questions and repeating the same information on almost a daily basis as new owner-drivers and courier companies¬†entered the industry and asked questions on various forums. these pages are a searchable collection of my replies, a few of my rants about my personal pet hates and some newer, more detailed information. Please accept it all as just one man’s opinion – I accept no liability for any incorrect information. I’m just the ‘bloke in the pub’ and free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. I encourage everyone to do their own research.

Alec, Anywhere Sameday Couriers

About The Hauliers Web Ring:

The Hauliers Web Ring is a gathering of websites that have a common purpose…to showcase¬† Road Haulage, Trucking & Freight businesses.

If you have a website that qualifies and you would like to join the Hauliers Web Ring, continue reading and follow the instructions below.

The Hauliers Web Ring Qualifications:

This Web Ring is open for membership as “free advertising” for all Road Haulage, Trucking, Return Loads agencies, Couriers and other Freight businesses. All you need is a web site related to the Transport industry to join the Hauliers Web Ring

What is a Web Ring?

Web Rings are simply pages on the internet that are linked together by a common basic code inserted on each site’s Home page. If you follow the links long enough, they will form a circle and bring you back to where you started.

This is the basic Hauliers Web Ring code, it is all you need to have on your site to be in the Web Ring. You may customize the appearance to fit your site but it must be visible on the main page and all the links in place.


We are a member of the
Hauliers Web Ring




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