Tracking cookies

Cookies are just a way of a website keeping a record of your visits and maybe knowing who you are (if you’ve told them that) or knowing what you did last time you were on the site.

The tracking cookies that the scans pick up are the ones that track you from one site to another. If one of the advertisers on Site A places a cookie on your system it can recognise you when you visit Site B (if that also contains their ads) and serve up content directly aimed at what they think your interests are, based on the browsing hablts they’ve recorded for you. the privacy ‘worry’ is that someone somewhere might be interested enough in you to be able to build up a full picture of a lot of sites that you’ve been on AND may be able to actually identify you either by your IP address or by you signing up to a site that’s connected with the company that ‘own’ the tracking cookie.

In reality it’s a load of bollocks. Delete them, block them, whatever, it doesn’t really make much difference. There’s the odd site that won’t let you log in if you’ve blocked one of their tracking cookies and the odd site that won’t ‘remember’ you so you have to sign in every time you visit. no big deal either way though really.

Most people should be more worried that their ISP has a log of every website they’ve ever visited and every email ever sent or received.

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Posted by Alec at 6:50 pm, June 26, 2008

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