Liveried van or un-liveried?

someone wrote:The only people to object to sign writing are other couriers you sub from when they are paranoid or terrified your going to try n nick their customers

As I’ve said before when this topic is raised, I’ve always had sign written vans.
1) Its my/our business and I’ll promote it as I want.
2) More professional appearence, especially when you/your driver wears a matching uniform
3) Less hassel and more leniency from Police, Traffic Warden & Security Guards when tipping/parked on double yellows etc!

Do a search for the last time this came up and the majority went WITH the sign writing!

1) I think the only people that notice are other couriers
2) Only your own customer would notice anyway and just the uniform would create the same impression, as would a clean white shirt, a tie (clip-on for H&S reasons ), polished boots and just ‘clean’ overalls.
3) I agree 100%. How about ‘generic’ signwriting though? Express Sameday Courier – no logos, no phone numbers. That way you don’t get the bad driving complaints or the fake insurance claims either.

I don’t care much either way myself. Given the choice of a plain van or a company liveried van for some jobs the plain van might influence the choice under certain circumstances. I know that many other companies are strongly against their subcontractors having liveried vans though.

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Posted by Alec at 4:47 pm, June 22, 2008

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