Shiply – anybody heard of them

“There are currently no fees to join Shiply and no listing, transaction or success fees for users. SP’s are currently not charged any sign up fees, monthly fees or bid placement fees. SP’s are charged a success fee based upon a tiered percentage of their accepted bid price. The tiered fee structure is as follows: 9.9% of the price from £0.01-£150.00, with a minimum fee of £6.00; 7.9% of the price from £150.01-£350.00; 5.9% of the price from £350.01-£1,000.00; and 3.9% of the price for any amount over £1000.01. Please see the table below for the tiered breakdown for this example:”

So the shipper pays Shitly a ‘deposit’ which is equal to the ‘success fee’ then the ‘service provider’ (you) has to collect your payment from the shipper.

So basically they’re offering to match you up with a load of ebay punters wanting sh*te moving for peanuts in return for a 10% payment.

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Posted by Alec at 9:05 am, May 8, 2008

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