Can I tow 2800kg with my van?

I’m not sure where the issue of driving licence categories comes into it but my understanding is:
A category B (ONLY) licence allows you to tow any trailer up to a combined (ie vehicle & trailer) MAM of 3500kg BUT the MAM of the trailer must be less than the UNLADEN weight of the towing vehicle. It also allows you to drive a VEHICLE with a MAM of 3500kg, towing a trailer of 750kg or less.

The B+E licence allows you to drive any vehicle up to 3500kg MAM PLUS any trailer up to the manufacturer’s limit. There’s no 3.5 GTW limit for B+E licence holders, except for the weight of the towing vehicle.

Patrick said “any road vehicle that exceeds 1525kg ulw would require an `O` licence” – I guess he didn’t mean that?? That would include every van bigger than a Scudo.

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Posted by Alec at 1:20 pm, February 11, 2008

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  1. NO, there’s a limit (as I described above) for B licence holders that passed their test 1st January 1997. You get round it by taking the B+E test.

  2. I’m confused Patrick; you can’t really be saying that a SWB Transit with an unladen weight of 2000kg needs an O licence.

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