Dry Ice – ADR or not?

It is indeed Class 9, but if you can be bothered to go and look at the Dangerous Goods List you’ll discover that it’s outside the scope of ADR, whatever the quantity.

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Posted by Alec at 5:23 pm, January 29, 2008

Low Emission Zone


“Any non-compliant vehicle entering the zone after 4 February 2008 will, rather than get a Penalty Charge Notice, instead receive a warning letter giving the vehicle keeper 28 days to make the vehicle compliant. After that period any subsequent infringement will result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.”

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That’s more than can be said for their list of branches http://www.speedlinktransport.eu/contact_us.

48 branches?

I wouldn’t if I was you Dave.

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Parking Ticket at Lymm Services

Just send them a brief letter denying that you were there for the period stated and then forget about it. Don’t waste money on a solicitor.

For the record, if they’ve described it as a ‘penalty’ then they can’t charge it anyway, whether you were there or not.

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Posted by Alec at 1:08 pm, January 16, 2008

Directors Personal Guarantee

A director’s guarantee is certainly legally binding under most circumstances and can be made as simply as you suggest, or you could buy a standard director’s guarantee letter online for a few quid. I’d suggest though that most company director’s would hesitate to provide such a guarantee unless you were providing a service that they couldn’t obtain in any other way.

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Mileage Allowances

Richard wrote:

I am not sure what you mean, if you were employed & your company sent you to London you would charge them mileage 44p per mile there & back.

40p/mile, not 44p.

Richard wrote:
There is no legal obligation for you to declare it to taxman or anyone else.
There is no obligation to keep any records

Apart from the detailed written log of all your journeys.

Richard wrote:
Taking that a step further you own the van & pay all of the outgoings. You receive 44p per mile while driving it. It sucks all of the money out of limited company into your tax free pocket.

You can even assume the 44p includes vat (its a loophole exploit it while it still exists)

You’re only allowed to claim the VAT on the fuel element, not on the full mileage allowance and now you’ve got to keep VAT receipts at least covering the VAT claimed.

Richard wrote:
Basically Gordon turned this bit of legislation into a Dogs dinner & he is too arrogant to revisit it (Suits me fine)

In practice the current situation is no different to the situation that existed for years before the newest legislation was brought in. All that’s really changed is the mileage rates and the fact that the allowance is statutory rather than concessionary.

It’s worth pointing out that the self-employed also have the option of using the mileage allowance scheme providing their turnover isn’t over the VAT registration treshold.

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Laptops & 3G Data

That’s the ‘Turbo’ rollout Ma** – 2.8Mbps. They have slower 3G coverage over a much wider area – it’s the pink ‘Video’ coverage area shown at http://www.three.co.uk/personal/coverage_/broadbandCoverageChecker.do.

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