Courier ‘sacked’ over Christmas eve request

A leading trade union has accused a firm of acting in the “most uncaring way” after claims a Walthamstow cycle courier was sacked for requesting a day off on Christmas Eve.

The GMB said it will fight for the reinstatement of Paul Whieldon, who said he was told on the phone by a boss at CitySprint that he had lost his job.

GMB official Terry Flanagan said: “The courier business is full of companies like CitySprint, who treat their employees in the most uncaring and unprofessional way.

“We have experienced low standards in the courier industry, but we do not expect workers to be sacked simply for asking for time off over Christmas.”

CitySprint said Mr Whieldon, who worked for the firm for five years, was “no longer engaged” as a sub-contractor, adding: “We decided to end our business relationship with Paul for amongst other matters, performance related issues.

“Selection and retention criteria for cycle couriers are very competitive for what is, in our experience, a highly sought after field.

“We currently have a long waiting list of applicants eager to work with us for this demanding role.”

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Posted by Alec at 4:05 pm, December 19, 2007

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  1. Is anyone expecting a busy day on Christmas Eve this year then? Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be having the day off.

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