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“Transaction2007 have decided to release the date and time of protest action earlier than scheduled. This is to enable the motorist and public to better prepare themselves for the coming action. This will be a nationwide protest extending to Northern and Southern Ireland.A date of Saturday 15th December 2007 at 10:00am has been decided for protest action. This date was decided by members as the best possible to enable those who would normally be working during the week to attend. This action will be initiated at a refinery or storage depot somewhere near you. Anyone wishing to support action is requested to make your way there at the alotted time. Transaction again wish to emphasise the importance of legal protesting.

Further; the members of Transaction2007, many being RHA members themselves, request that the Road Haulage Association go forward to the HM Treasury in an attempt to avert this very delicate situation due on Saturday. A way forward is sought by all sides concerned.”


Load of bollocks if you ask me. The last protest caught the government and the fuel supply industry by surprise. The ‘fuel shortages’ were caused almost entirely by Joe Public panicking and rushing to grab as much fuel as possible ‘just in case’; I’m told that there are measures in place to stop that happening again.

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Posted by Alec at 8:26 am, December 13, 2007

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  1. Do you think that we’re immune to rising costs Chris? I’d guess that paying subcontractors higher rates has had as much (or probably more) impact on our business as high fuel prices have on anyone else’s business over the last few months.

    Anyway, there are far more worrying things than high fuel prices going on at the moment – just in case you’ve not noticed.

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