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The basic rule is: if you don’t know whether you can carry it then you’re not qualified to carry it.

I think that most inert , non-toxic compressed gases are LQ1, so for you to be able to carry them under the Limited Quantity exemption they’d need to be under 120ml, packaged as multiple units and marked up as ‘LQ’. So basically you can’t carry anything bigger than a box of sodastream cartridges without training.

Your customer’s confusing the Limited Quantities exemption with the Small Loads exemption, which allows you to carry them with just ‘Awareness’ training if they’re below the thresholds laid out in ADR.

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Posted by Alec at 11:55 am, November 27, 2007

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  1. They’d generally be exempt from ADR if they’re carrying the stuff to a site to use it themselves.

  2. It changed back in January Rob. There used to be an exemption that allowed drivers of vehicles under 3500kg gvw to carry goods ABOVE the ‘small load’ threshold with just ‘awareness’ training. The exemption was removed and the thresholds apply whatever your vehicle size is.

    The ‘awareness’ (or general) training would probably have been fine to allow you to carry your gas canisters. They seem to have removed the requirement to appoint a DGSA if you only ever carry goods under the ‘small loads’ thresholds as well, which maybe makes the awareness training more worthwhile. Your problem would be with your insurance – I believe they class even small quatities of hazardous goods as, err, hazardous, so you’d probably need to upgrade your motor, GIT & PL insurance if you wanted to carry anything like that.

    I should have mentioned that most refrigerant gases would be exempt from ADR anyway “if the pressure of the gas in the receptacle or tank at a temperature of 15 °C does not exceed 200 kPa (2 bar) and if the gas is completely in the gaseous state during carriage”. I’ve no idea how likely it is that the gases that you were asked to carry fell into that description but I would guess from the comments from your customers that they weren’t even aware of the exemption, never mind whether it applied.

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