someone wrote:
“what other product is over 50% tax?

Anything else taxed to this level would simply be given up!
fags, booze etc

(saying that I dunno what % of duty is on them Anyone?)”

Prepare to be shocked. I’m not sure how much cigarettes cost at the moment but I’m guessing around £5.50 for 20? Based on that:

82p is VAT, £2.17 goes on duty at 10.865p per cigarette and then a further £1.21 goes on the 22% duty charged on the final retail price.

So £4.20 out of your £5.50 goes towards lowering my income tax bill. 

Alcohol duty isn’t as bad but it’s still £7.82 duty on a 1 litre bottle of 40% alcohol, plus the VAT on the retail price. So for a £12 (?) bottle that’s £7.82 duty and £1.79 VAT – £9.61 total.

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Posted by Alec at 3:44 pm, November 12, 2007

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  1. A quick look at Tesco online shows 1 litre of 37.5% vodka at £9.90. VAT on that is £1.47, duty is £7.34. So the vodka is selling for £1.09 plus tax.

  2. ‘They’ don’t get anything, it just goes into the pool of general taxation. If they abolished fuel duty tomorrow they’d only have to make up the revenue some other way so you’d be moaning about income tax going up AND moaning about all the extra cars blocking the roads up.

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