Withholding payment awaiting Proof of Delivery

That’s not really a sound analogy though Simon – you’re not paying for the POD, you’re paying for the delivery.

I agree totally that the supplier should obtain a signed, printed, timed and dated POD from every delivery and provide it to you on request. However this isn’t absolute standard practice throughout the industry: there are many courier companies that don’t even have a space on their POD sheets for the date and time and there are many courier companies that allow their drivers to leave parcels without signature as a matter of course. Our own Conditions of Trading allow us to do so, although we wouldn’t without the customer’s agreement or if there was no other reasonable option.

For you and me it’s standard procedure and common sense that you obtain a full POD for every delivery but if you’re new to the business or you’ve worked in the past for companies that don’t insist on a full POD would you necessarily know that you were doing anything wrong? I’ve come across plenty of people on here that think they only have to get a POD if they’re presented with a delivery note at the collection point and don’t carry any blank PODs with them at all. Obviously they’re in the wrong, but if WE don’t spell out our requirements to them and make sure they’ve understood then we can hardly blame them for getting it wrong.

Legally you couldn’t withhold payment for non-production of a POD unless it was either agreed as a condition of the contract or the consignee was actually disputing delivery.

Wasn’t there some talk of a Code of Practice for ‘Network’ members so that things like this could be taken as understood without having to go into lengthy explanations as to what we all require from our suppliers?

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Posted by Alec at 4:42 pm, September 21, 2007

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