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Can you tell us how you managed to make a Paypal payment of £0.00 in order to access the free download?

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Posted by Alec at 12:00 pm, September 14, 2007

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  1. MikeSalibury wrote:
    you don’t need to do any paypal payments. I went to and there is a big red button with download.

    No there isn’t.

  2. There’s just a thin red bar with no text when viewed in IE7. Pretty shoddy to build a website that doesn’t display properly in the most common browser.

  3. Admin wrote:
    Its pretty shoddy having a background image on your website which repeats both X and Y and is only 1261px wide. But I don’t see you changing it to make your site more viewable on larger monitors.

    19″ widescreen is quickly becoming the most common size now, and with a resolution of 1440×900, your site will look pretty pants.

    Don’t criticise another site if yours doesn’t display properly either

    We’re a courier company not an IT company. The functionality of our website isn’t affected at all by whatever it is you seem to have a problem with. If, for example, our telephone number and contact details weren’t visible to 80% of our target customers then we’d probably want to do something about it.

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