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James, it has no particular relevance to this thread but for future information:

There are two types of partial exemption from ADR for carrying small quantities of ADR goods; Limited Quantities (or ‘LQ’) allows you to carry genuine LQ goods, marked with a white ‘LQ’ diamond, outside the scope of ADR with no formal training other than training in (or understanding of) normal Health & Safety procedures. It’s up to the shipper to decide whether it’s LQ or not and to mark the packages appropriately. If there’s no LQ diamonds on the packages then it’s not LQ.

The other partial exemption from the full scope of ADR is goods carried under the thresholds laid down in of ADR and amended by the Carriage Regulations. To carry goods under this ‘small loads’ exemption you still need ‘Awareness’ training (which you’ve suggested that you’ve got) and access to a DGSA. If you’re not sure whether you can carry the goods with just ‘Awareness’ training then you’re meant to consult your DGSA to find out.

If the goods weren’t marked as ‘LQ’ and you’ve not got access to a DGSA then you shouldn’t have been carrying the goods anyway, no matter how small the quantity.

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Posted by Alec at 8:13 am, September 6, 2007

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  1. I thought we’d sorted this out back then.

    Drivers of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes used to be able to carry most ADR goods in any quantities with just ‘awareness’ training. Now they need need full ADR if they’re carrying goods not covered by an LQ or Small Load exemption

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