Withholding payment awaiting Proof of Delivery

That’s not really a sound analogy though Simon – you’re not paying for the POD, you’re paying for the delivery.

I agree totally that the supplier should obtain a signed, printed, timed and dated POD from every delivery and provide it to you on request. However this isn’t absolute standard practice throughout the industry: there are many courier companies that don’t even have a space on their POD sheets for the date and time and there are many courier companies that allow their drivers to leave parcels without signature as a matter of course. Our own Conditions of Trading allow us to do so, although we wouldn’t without the customer’s agreement or if there was no other reasonable option.

For you and me it’s standard procedure and common sense that you obtain a full POD for every delivery but if you’re new to the business or you’ve worked in the past for companies that don’t insist on a full POD would you necessarily know that you were doing anything wrong? I’ve come across plenty of people on here that think they only have to get a POD if they’re presented with a delivery note at the collection point and don’t carry any blank PODs with them at all. Obviously they’re in the wrong, but if WE don’t spell out our requirements to them and make sure they’ve understood then we can hardly blame them for getting it wrong.

Legally you couldn’t withhold payment for non-production of a POD unless it was either agreed as a condition of the contract or the consignee was actually disputing delivery.

Wasn’t there some talk of a Code of Practice for ‘Network’ members so that things like this could be taken as understood without having to go into lengthy explanations as to what we all require from our suppliers?

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Posted by Alec at 4:42 pm, September 21, 2007

Sole Trader or Ltd Co?

If you’ve been trading for 2 years or more you can reduce your tax liability for your next £100,000 of profit to around £3,000 if you sell your existing sole-trader business to a limited company owned by yourself.

Ask a proper accountant about ‘Taper Relief’.

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Posted by Alec at 9:01 am, September 20, 2007

Phone Scam or just clever ££££

It’s not a scam. Personal Numbers (starting 070) were introduced back in the late 90s and allow you to route calls to a landline or mobile (and often international numbers as well) free of charge. They’re handy if you live in an area where your mobile doesn’t work and you’re too much of a cheapskate to divert your calls to your mobile. At the time they were introduced they cost about the same to call from a landline as calling a mobile number. Since then the cost of calling mobiles has dropped but the cost of calling personal numbers hasn’t. The called party doesn’t receive any revenue from the number but their number provider makes a nice profit.

Ofcom regulations state that from 1st September 2007 anyone calling an 070 number that will be charged at over 20p/minute must hear a pre-call announcement advising them of the charges. Most telcos haven’t introduced this yet but BT has.

If you tell the person concerned that they’re probably losing business because people are hearing this message every time they call them then they’ll possibly do the right thing and publish their actual number.

There’s one member on here that I avoid ringing whenever possible as I know it costs me 50p/minute to do so.

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Posted by Alec at 2:50 pm, September 19, 2007

Fatal accident closes M4 at Newport

John wrote:
The four who raced down the wrong carriageway and killed that couple MUST be charged with death by dangerous driving, although I would prefer to see a charge of murder. Their actions could not have been more lethal if they had killed the couple in their own home.

It was their choice, their actions and THEIR FAULT.

I think they’ll have problems getting the charges to stick with 3 of them John.  

Seriously though, why do they have to close the motorway for the whole day because of an incident like this? Ok, it’s a ‘crime scene’ and they have to record things – but who in their right mind is going to dispute that the driver of the car speeding the wrong way up the motorway was responsible for the crash? It seems that he’s dead anyway so what’s to be gained from not just shovelling the remains of the cars onto a truck and reopening the motorway?

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Posted by Alec at 3:33 pm, September 18, 2007

accountant needed with knowledge of mileage scheme

You can only use it if your turnover is less than the current VAT registration threshold OR if you’re a business paying your employees for the use of their own vehicles.

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Avoiding businesses going bump on you

In that case you’re extremely lucky that there are so many naive ‘businessmen’ around on here willing to give credit facilities to a recently formed limited company with no credit status.

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Posted by Alec at 9:00 am, September 15, 2007

Free Courier Software – www.intrans.it

Can you tell us how you managed to make a Paypal payment of £0.00 in order to access the free download?

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7.5t Motorway Law

The prohibition from using the outside lane only applies to vehicles fitted with a speed limiter. Vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes used only in the UK and registered after 1st January 2005 don’t have to be fitted with a speed limiter until 1st January 2008.

Vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes registered before 1st October 2001 don’t have to be fitted with a speed limiter at all.

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