You don’t half talk some bollocks.

The point is Tiny that you haven’t MADE any case and I for one really can’t see what it is that you’re getting at.

You seem to be complaining about an 80 mile job with 7 hours to deliver being put on as a backload. What’s the problem with that? If I had a job like that I’d probably put it on as a backload as well. If it’s not a backload FOR YOU or you can’t find anything to co-load with it then tough luck, move on to the next one. No-one’s ASKING, or expecting, YOU to do the job at backload rates.

My point in the other thread was that I don’t want our URGENT, IMPORTANT jobs delivering late. If we had 7 hours to deliver an 80 mile job I might very well spend some time finding someone going in the right direction and do a deal with them; that’s what this business is all about. The fact is that we don’t really get many jobs like that though; we’re not in that sort of market.

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Posted by Alec at 4:58 pm, August 15, 2007

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