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There was some discussion a few weeks ago about 0870 numbers and I meant to add a word of warning at the time. Unfortunately I got side-tracked and never got round to checking my facts.

From next January calls to 0870 numbers will have to cost no more than your telecom provider’s standard calls to numbers starting 01/02. Good news so far then.

The bad news is that if you use an 0870 number you’re likely to have to pay a per minute charge to your number provider for all incoming calls.

This won’t apply to 0844, 0845 or 0871 numbers.

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Posted by Alec at 8:01 am, July 12, 2007

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  1. Alec added on  July 12th, 2007 at 10:14

    No, 0871 generally costs more to call. Regulation of 0871 numbers is now being passed to ICSTIS rather than OFCOM, which basically means they’re likely to be treated in the same way as 09 prefix Premium Rate numbers. I’d steer clear of those as an alternative to 0870.

    It’s also possible that 0845 & 0844 will end up being treated in the same way as 0870, ie be cheaper to phone but cost the called party more – OFCOM have delayed a decision on these though because so many ISPs use them to generate revenue on dial-up internet access.

    There’s also a small chance that the Government will attempt to reverse OFCOMs decision since so many government departments and the health service etc, rely on these numbers as incoming re-routable numbers for their call-centres.

    All a bit of a nightmare really if you use these numbers. It’s difficult to know which way to jump when they’ve not yet made their minds up about something which is meant to be happening in 6 months time.

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