I was quoted a really high price for a courier job

you shouldn’t knock peoples rates just because they are higher than your’s….sometimes company’s don’t give trade rates ,it’s happened to me many times when ive posted job’s.

not everybody run’s cheap,the only place you’ll find cheap prices is on web sites.

web sites are not the be all and end all….if you put all the member’s of c/x ,mt van ,shed five etc together they are only a small percent of the courier co’s and o/d’s in this country….and you’ll usualy find that those that go nowhere near web sites are running at a lot better rates.

There’s plenty of ‘non-website’ companies and owner-drivers out there though who seem happy to charge much less than the sort of rates you seem to expect Paul

I was contacted recently by a company that I used to work quite closely with years ago – 8 or 10 vans, run from home, you know the sort of thing. They do a lot of subcontract work for the ‘big boys’ and they used to charge me the same rate as they charged TNT – 50p/mile for a small van. 10 years or so later on they asked me if 58p/mile would be alright!

There’s another company I use, member of the DA or NCA or something, well established, mainly deal with end users and they’re not on CX or MTvan or anything. First time I called them out of the blue they offered me lower rates than I usually pay owner-drivers on CX. The collection went tits up and they charged me £8/hour waiting time!

As you quite rightly say Paul, there’s a lot more to the courier industry than exchange websites. You’d be wrong to believe that the situation in the ‘outside world’ is much better than on these sites though; in many cases the opposite is true.

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Posted by Alec at 6:13 pm, June 28, 2007

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