Empty Courier By Travel Date – Problem

I wouldn’t worry about it John, I’d be suprised if anyone actually uses that section of the site anyway.

I gave up with it because it’s way easier to just post a job than scan through the list, when I have called people they either don’t answer, delivered 2 hours early and have long since gone, running 2 hours late etc etc.

Do any job posters use it ?

I find it one of the most usefull features of the site. It shows me which couriers are in the area and actually looking for work. Posting a job rarely works for me. ‘Call Alec @ Anywhere 01925 598600’ all too often results in an email or text message that I don’t see until after the job’s gone.

The search by town name is a PITA as well. If I enter ‘Lancaster’ I want to see a list of couriers based within a reasonable radius of Lancaster, not just couriers based IN Lancaster. Ideally there’d be an option to enter a postcode and have the closest 20 (or whatever) members show up on a list, with the closest at the top and with their vehicles listed on the list so I don’t have to click through every entry to see what vehicles they operate.

I like the way MTvan is developing (apart from the charging model) at the moment. The responsiveness to feature requests is very impressive compared with certain other exchange sites.

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Posted by Alec at 10:27 am, June 8, 2007

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