I was quoted a really high price for a courier job

you shouldn’t knock peoples rates just because they are higher than your’s….sometimes company’s don’t give trade rates ,it’s happened to me many times when ive posted job’s.

not everybody run’s cheap,the only place you’ll find cheap prices is on web sites.

web sites are not the be all and end all….if you put all the member’s of c/x ,mt van ,shed five etc together they are only a small percent of the courier co’s and o/d’s in this country….and you’ll usualy find that those that go nowhere near web sites are running at a lot better rates.

There’s plenty of ‘non-website’ companies and owner-drivers out there though who seem happy to charge much less than the sort of rates you seem to expect Paul

I was contacted recently by a company that I used to work quite closely with years ago – 8 or 10 vans, run from home, you know the sort of thing. They do a lot of subcontract work for the ‘big boys’ and they used to charge me the same rate as they charged TNT – 50p/mile for a small van. 10 years or so later on they asked me if 58p/mile would be alright!

There’s another company I use, member of the DA or NCA or something, well established, mainly deal with end users and they’re not on CX or MTvan or anything. First time I called them out of the blue they offered me lower rates than I usually pay owner-drivers on CX. The collection went tits up and they charged me £8/hour waiting time!

As you quite rightly say Paul, there’s a lot more to the courier industry than exchange websites. You’d be wrong to believe that the situation in the ‘outside world’ is much better than on these sites though; in many cases the opposite is true.

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Posted by Alec at 6:13 pm, June 28, 2007

0871 number charges

It depends on the next three numbers after the 0871. It could be anything from 5p/minute to 12p/minute if you’re calling from a BT phone. They’re excluded from most mobile and landline inclusive minutes and usually cost 10p-15p to call from a mobile.

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Courier Prices

Wake up AK. The industry IS dominated by a few larger companies; it’s them that keep the rates down. These larger companies are typically charging their customers the same rates as they were over 15 years ago – and in many cases paying their drivers the same rates as they were back then.

It’s all very well putting your rates up by 5% a year but if WE can’t pass that on to our customers because we’re getting undercut by Rico/TNT/DHL/UK Today etc then our subcontractors won’t have any work to charge out at their higher rates.

I’d love to pay £1/mile for a small van if you can introduce me to customers that will regularly pay £320 for an envelope to be delivered from Manchester to London.

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Posted by Alec at 7:05 pm, June 27, 2007

Missing Invoice

Raise a query with them using interactive messaging. That way you’ve got proof that your chasing their invoice so they can’t slap a late payment charge on you. You’re right not to pay them without an invoice.

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payment terms

A verbal contract is binding whether it’s made over the phone or face to face. The difficulty, as you point out, is proving what’s been said.

I don’t know about Scotland (or why you mentioned it) but in England you’re perfectly at liberty to record a telephone conversation without informing the other party. You can’t use the recording in court but you CAN use a transcript of the recording. If the other party then disputes what was said then you can use the recording.

None of which is particularly relevant to the original question.

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It doesn’t come in until October 2010 for vans and even then it will only be for vehicles that don’t meet Euro III standards. So unless you’re running vans over 8 years old there won’t be a problem. 

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Late Payer won’t accept Recorded Delivery letter

You don’t have to inform them at all before you instruct a debt collection agency. And a fax is a better way than most of ensuring that you have receipt of delivery of a letter.

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How many people are insured to drive your van D*****? How many of them do your records show were working at 0400 on the day in question?

If you’d taken someone with you to help with the driving then it may be possible that whoever was driving didn’t notice the camera flash and that neither of you can now remember who was driving at that particular moment.

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