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Some of you appear to have not noticed that you can now clear your ‘jobs to invoice’ from My ‘Network’ without having to raise a ‘Network’ invoice.

There’s now NO POSSIBLE EXCUSE for raising a ‘Network’ invoice and your own invoice with a different number SO PLEASE STOP DOING IT.

And while you’re at it PLEASE STOP sending us hard copy ‘Network’ invoices that we’ve already paid., copies of ‘Network’ ‘Order Confirmations’ that we have no possible use for and ‘Network’ non-POD sheets that we could look at on the site if we had a mind to. It’s all irrelevant and just makes work for us. Some companies may require all this rubbish but we DON’T.

Could I also point out that you can now add your own customised message that will appear automatically at the bottom of every ‘Network’ invoice you produce. Maybe some of you could use this new facility to add your bank details to your invoices?

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Posted by Alec at 3:17 pm, February 28, 2007

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  1. Most people just include it in their overall cost and charge the VAT on it anyway Paul. Good point though.

  2. That’s incorrect Al***. If it’s itemised on the invoice then it’s classed as a disbursement and it’s VAT exempt. If it’s not itemised on the invoice then it’s part of the service provided and it’s subject to VAT.

  3. Processing as many invoices a week as we do you soon get to prefer the ‘Network’ invoices Andrew. There’s no need to hunt around the page looking for the information we need to transfer to the accounts system – it’s consistent on every invoice.

    Why would you want to be ‘creative’ with an invoice – only the girl in accounts ever gets to see it. Clarity is far more important.

    And if I sent someone an invoice through the ‘Network’ (which is fairly unlikely) then they’d get an expensive reminder after 30 days if they ignored it. You can’t dispute the method of delivery of an invoice unless an agreement has been reached in advance over acceptable delivery methods. Delivery of an invoice over the ‘Network’ between ‘Network’ members would be held as legal proof of delivery.

  4. A verbal agreement’s as good as a written one if you can convince a judge that it was agreed. If it ever came to that.

  5. Alec added on  March 6th, 2007 at 09:38

    I thought you could upload scanned PODs onto the ‘Network’ now?

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