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Can’t be arsed keeping up to date with employment law nowadays Mick – except as it relates to our business – and I’ve no intention of ever employing anyone again.

There’s no discrimination issue though, unless he can claim that he’s being discriminated against because of his, sex, colour, religion, race, sexual orientation, age or disability. Being thick doesn’t count as a disability so you can discriminate against him.

Kate, you should ask all employees to keep a record of their mileages anyway, to satisfy the tax man. As Jerry mentioned, there are some serious tax implications if he uses the van for personal journeys. Under HMRC rules he’s allowed to use the van to get to and from work and for VERY OCCASIONAL personal use – the Revenue example is using it once or twice a YEAR to take rubbish to the local tip – without incurring a tax liability. Otherwise he has to pay tax on the benefit of personal use of the van. It’s not much this year but from April he’ll have to pay tax on £3,000 pa for the van and £500 pa for fuel. That increases his tax bill by £770 pa. As you’re operating his PAYE it’s up to you inform the tax man of the extra liability. If you claim that he doesn’t have use of the van for private journeys you have to be able to prove it to them. Show him this to underline the point: Tax on vans.

Have you thought about fitting the van with a tracker?

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Posted by Alec at 12:35 pm, February 24, 2007

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