ADR new regs…How many know them

jaymobFOOL wrote:
And like we said ADR applies to all amounts now, sorry the carraige regs unless you are leave the UK, if you are in-scope or not depends wether you show your placards
Limited quantities you still need the core exam

Err… Bollocks

Small Load and LQ exemptions still apply. No training needed for LQ amounts and only awareness training needed for Small Loads. The major change was that the exemptions for drivers of vehicles under 3500kg no longer apply.

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Posted by Alec at 11:00 am, January 28, 2007

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  1. Alec added on  January 28th, 2007 at 13:01

    baldie wrote:
    But there is someting new about carrying as little as a couple of tins of paint,

    2 loose tins of paint don’t carry an LQ exemption. 2 tins of paint packed in a box or shrink-wrapped onto a tray probably will as long as they’re below the LQ threshold for the substance.

    An example is given in the CDG manual:

    Paint UN 1263 PG II. This is LQ6. Cans up to 5 litres may be packed in a box not exceeding a gross weight of 30kg. Cans up to 1 litre may be on shrink wrapped tray not exceeding a gross weight of 20 kg. Subject to the box or tray being marked as above ADR does not apply.

  2. Alec added on  January 28th, 2007 at 21:37

    jaymobFOOL wrote:

    Alec wrote:
    Small Load and LQ exemptions still apply. No training needed for LQ amounts and only awareness training needed for Small Loads. The major change was that the exemptions for drivers of vehicles under 3500kg no longer apply.

    No training needed only awareness training, some one help me I`m confused.
    No Training is No Training, Training is training so what is it.
    Crack on, thats what I say

    And as for as the consignor being responsible, well you could pick up 333kg transport cat 2,PG2 and not be in scope. Then pick up 20kgs more from a second pick up and be over. They do not know whats on your van

    I need it I`ve got it. I carry Infectious stuff, Oxidisers, Toxic shite and everything else known to do alittle damage to you if you spill it.

    No one said you needed anything more than an awareness cert.

    The fact you now need an awareness cert is the whole point of this thread

    The point is you DON’T need any training of any type to carry LQ packages. The situation hasn’t changed.

    And you can change a loose tin of paint into an LQ package just by putting it into a tote box and closing the lid.

  3. Alec added on  January 29th, 2007 at 09:14

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    No one said LQ have changed, but you do need a awarenees cert to handle them.

    Are you confusing Small Loads with Limited Quantities by any chance? You don’t need awareness training to carry LQ packages, they’re exempt from ADR and they don’t count towards the load thresholds for Small Loads.

    Once the inner package/tin/whatever has been removed from the outer box then you need to have ‘awareness training’ unless you put the stuff in another box with a closed lid.

    Incidentally, do you realise that the only situation that DID change on 1st January 2007 is the one you’ve not mentioned? Drivers of vehicles under 3500kg now need full ADR instead of just awareness training if they’re carrying goods not covered by an LQ or Small Load exemption. That was the big change of 1st January. Everything else you’ve said is pure bollocks.

  4. Alec added on  January 29th, 2007 at 16:50

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    So Alec of no fix address or company but operates fully insured of course, no one has said other wise

    What’s our insurance got to do with your lack of knowledge about something you claim to know about?

    No fixed address or company? I’d say I was one of the most open people in the industry about our company details. Here’s the webpage we set up last year so that new suppliers know who they’re dealing with and on what terms. Happy now?

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    And the responses about insurance prices were not Bollocks

    £69 extra per year for full legal cover, so you cowboys carry on.

    Well I’ve not actually mentioned insurance, so I’ll gracefully assume that the reference to cowboys wasn’t aimed at me. Would you be kind enough to confirm that?

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    P.S I need full ADR for the 7.5t vehicle we use, numpty.

    You don’t if you’re not carrying anything but LQ packages or Small Loads under the threshold do you? So what was your point, and what do you imagine has changed in that respect on 1st January?

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    Please define a small load, 100 kg of TC1, is a small load on an artic!

    Small Load is the term the HSE have introduced to stop numpties getting confused between exemptions for LQ packages and the exemptions provided by of ADR 2005 (as amended by the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2004). Is that a good enough definition for you?

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    All I was doing is drawing attention to is the changes that took place on 01/01/07

    But to the wrong aspect of it.

    jaymobFOOL wrote:
    It all involves the transport of limited quantities.

    Even 1 tin of paint you are delivering will now require and awareness cert, unless you prove it is for your personal use

    BUT THAT WASN’T WHAT THE CHANGE WAS. The major change is that drivers vans of under 3,500kg are no longer allowed to carry loads that come under the scope of full ADR with just ‘awareness’ training. It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with limited quantities.

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