Blue lights on vehicles

Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 Regulation 16

Restrictions on fitting blue warning beacons, special warning lamps and
similar devices
16. No vehicle, other than an emergency vehicle, shall be fitted
(a) a blue warning beacon or special warning lamp, or
(b) a device which resembles a blue warning beacon or a special warning
lamp, whether the same is in working order or not.

“Warning beacon” A lamp that is capable of emitting a flashing or rotating beam of light throughout 360° in the horizontal plane.

“Special warning lamp” A lamp, fitted to the front or rear of a vehicle, capable of emitting a blue flashing light and not any other kind of light.

That’s the only blue light offence that it’s possible to be charged with. There is no offence of ‘imitating an emergency vehicle’.

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Posted by Alec at 3:45 pm, January 22, 2007

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