Accounting Software for Couriers

I think you’re thinking about it the wrong way Dave. It’s an accounts package rather than a courier booking & management package.

I’d have thought that the normal way of using QB is just to price your jobs manually and enter them individually – so the issue of rates for each customer doesn’t come up. Having said that you could set up your standard mileage rate for each vehicle as an ‘Item’ in QB and have it automatically apply a discount on a per customer basis. You’d still have to enter the mileages for each individual invoice line though so there’s not much advantage in doing that and it would be a bit complicated.

If you want a package with the sort of functionality you’re after then you need to consider Journeeze or DBS – both of which can export data to QB or Sage, or Controller, which has a bit of a clunky feel to it but is pretty fully featured, can export data to Sage and only costs £30/month. You can download a trial of that from .

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Posted by Alec at 7:50 am, January 22, 2007

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