Costs + Effort + Profit = Fair Price For The Job

What does it matter if it’s a Hotshot, Backload, Frontload or whatever.

The point is it’s got f**k all to do with me what financial benefit my customer is gaining from us carrying out a job for them. If I’m told that the customer will incur a £100,000 penalty charge if they don’t get their client’s computer network up within 4 hours I don’t tell them I’ll do the job for £50,000. Instead I charge them Costs+ Effort + Profit.

If I’ve got a job from Aberdeen to Farnworth and you (Andy) happen to be sat in Aberdeen stuffing your face with a bacon & black pudding roll what does it actually matter to you what I’m charging for the job? You quote me a rate that you’re happy with, I’m happy with it and maybe offer you a bit more and you add an hour on to your journey home and maybe £120 profit in your pocket. That’s £120 profit for an hour’s extra work – you’d (hopefully) already made 2 day’s profit from your outward journey. You’re in profit, we’re in profit, whether WE made £50, £240 or £1,000 on the job is surely as irrelevant to you as the value of our service to our customer is to us. We’ve saved them £100,000, less our costs. You’ve made £120 profit, we’ve made a profit.

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Posted by Alec at 7:46 pm, January 12, 2007

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