Internet law – Sale of Goods Act

There’s lots of history of companies being forced to honour their website pricing mistakes, so most companies are now quite clued up about it. There’s normally something in their Conditions that will give them a get-out in case of mistakes. It normally depends on what stage they’d got up to with their confirmation emails as well. What’s their website address?

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O licence or not

Only if the unladen weight of the trailer is over 1020kg. You’ll need a tacho though.

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More Late Payment problems

So all the pikey scumbag freeloaders will stop using him? Not really much of a loss is it?

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Late payment charges

Unless you’ve got a contractual agreement that says something else you can charge the amounts set in the late payment legislation. For invoices up to £999.99 you can charge £40 PER LATE INVOICE. For invoices of between £1,000.00 and£9,999.99 you can charge £70 PER INVOICE. You can also charge interest on a daily basis, currently at a rate of 12.5% per annum.
You don’t charge VAT on the late payment or the interest and you don’t charge the late payment fee on a recurring basis.

You don’t HAVE to charge the late payment fee but unless you’ve specifically agreed to waive the fee the late payer still owes it to you EVEN AFTER THEY’VE PAID THE ORIGINAL DEBT. The late payment fee is like any other debt – you have up to 6 years to recover it from the late payer.

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It’s the colour scheme Jeremy. This is nice and soothing, the other one is nasty and garish and brings out the aggressive side in people. It gives me a headache and eyestrain if I spend too much time searching the RJ page as well.

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