Incorrect Post Code ON GTM

Even if you know the postcode at the time you enter the GTM (and sometimes you don’t) you actually CAN’T enter some postcodes on ‘Network’ so you have to enter the town name instead. When I enter ‘London’ into ‘Network’ for a GTM it shows on the screen as “London, London Central, E1 0 – WC2′ – I’ve been told by some people that shows up as London E1 0 when it goes through as a text alert – is that right?
If I want to enter ‘Old Trafford’ I can’t, and M32 gives me the choice of ‘Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1 – M99 1’ or ‘Irlam, Greater Manchester, M30 6 – M44 5’. Because I know the area I know that there’s potentially 25 miles from one ‘M’ postcode to another and it’s 12 miles from Irlam to Old Trafford. So I’d enter the GTM as either ‘Stretford’ or ‘Trafford Park’. If I hit the same problem in, say, Leicester I’d probably just accept the ‘Network’ suggestion – particularly if I was in a hurry. If I’ve got time I’ll put the actual postcodes in the job notes – or I’ll enter the actual mileage – but you won’t see them on a GTM text alert.

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Posted by Alec at 12:09 pm, September 23, 2006

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