Crackdown on non standard numberplates

The crackdown is because they need the number plates to be readable by their ANPR cameras.

That’s EXACTLY how they deal with a lot of serious crime nowadays – including part of the ongoing campaign against terrorists.

Don’t mock it, it works apparently. Anyone notice the randomly parked (non-traffic) police cars with ANPR cameras parked on every motorway route towards major airports over the last couple of weeks?

They can now check on ownership, road tax, insurance and MOT status instantly, as long as their cameras can read the number plate. Surely that’s agood thing? It gets uninsured/untaxed etc drivers off the road, which I think we all want. It also allows the police to target these drivers and discover that they’re almost invariably involved in some other illegal activity.

Of course they can also enter your vehicle reg into their system and work out your exact movements for the last few weeks, but who’s worried about that?

Now if VOSA start doing that………

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Posted by Alec at 5:38 pm, September 18, 2006

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