Naughty? Par for the course? Or am I niave?

That would be me then would it Andy?  With that last comment in mind please feel free to continue to never carry out any work for us.

You bid on a couple of jobs and were unsuccessful for whatever reason. You then decide that because we didn’t actively seek you out to carry out work for us in preference over our regular suppliers that you won’t bid on any more of our work? It’s a poor salesman that gives up on a potential sale with so little effort.

Oddly enough, most of our regular suppliers become regular suppliers by phoning to offer to help out with those “many” problem jobs that come up in the late afternoon. Those regular suppliers are then given preference over unknown suppliers when it comes to our other work – that’s only fair.

No doubt we successfully covered every job that you didn’t bid on, so no problems there. It would seem then that there’s only one party that’s lost out because of your apparent boycott of our work….

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Posted by Alec at 7:14 am, September 16, 2006

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