What would you do?

Autoroute says that the correct route is through Switzerland but obviously there’s a lot of people on here that know better than to do that. It does seem odd that someone would choose that route when they were apparently fully aware that they didn’t have the correct paperwork to cross the border. Going through France would have added 40 miles & tolls, going through Austria would have added 80 miles.

I think you should now maybe both take the ‘shit happens’ approach?

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Posted by Alec at 4:39 pm, September 15, 2006

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  1. Paul – Good luck getting a company’s bank accounts frozen over a DISPUTED invoice. All you’ll end up with is court costs to pay.

    You’ve already admitted that you KNEW, before your driver set off, that you didn’t have the correct paperwork to go through Switzerland, yet instead of mitigating your potential losses by choosing an alternative route you carried on regardless.

    I suggest you BOTH take a chill pill and discuss this sensibly – away from this public forum. I’m sure D.D.L.’s customer doesn’t expect the delivery to be done for free — even if it was delivered late, and I’m equally sure that no court would support an outright refusal by D.D.L. to pay any of the cost of the job.

    Personally in Karl’s place I’d request the supplier to do the job at cost only and offer the customer a reduction to the same sort of figure.

    It’s none of my business of course, so please feel free to ignore this message and continue with your dispute until you both realise that your likely to lose more in time and legal costs than the job was worth to you both to start with.

  2. Sorry, I’ve just re-read the original message and apparently Karl’s customer DOES want the job done for free! That’s between Karl and his customer of course and has no bearing whatsoever on the dispute between DDL and Allegro.

  3. Don’t flatter yourself Simon, I’m strictly top shelf.

    Is that what I meant?

  4. Bad advice Barry. Unless there’s a specific agreement that the delivery must be made by a specific time/date or all fees will be forfeited then DDL can only support a claim for loss caused by the delay and I assume that both DDL’s and Allegro’s conditions exclude compensation for consequential loss caused by late delivery? The same applies to the agreement between DDL and their customer; if they choose to compensate their customer beyond the amount allowed for by their conditions, by not charging for the job, then that’s their problem, not their supplier’s.

    Most (properly written) courier company’s T & Cs will address the issue of late delivery and will allow the company to charge on the basis of the service actually received. If the company only offers ‘direct’ deliveries then the cost of a 3 day delivery will be the same as a 17 hour delivery and the customer will be liable for the full cost unless a specific agreement to the contrary exists.

    Just because something seems ‘right’ to you and me doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the way the law works.

  5. Mark, you’re spot on; except that contractual penalties incurred by your customer aren’t really your concern unless you’ve agreed in advance to compensate them for any delay beyond agreed delivery times. I certainly wouldn’t do that.

    I strongly suspect that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Paul obviously KNEW about the Swiss problem, and informed Karl of it, yet he deliberately sent his driver through Switzerland without the paperwork? I think Paul comes across as more professional than that.

    It’s been said a thousand times: COMMUNICATION is the KEY in this business, whether the delivery is 500 yards or 2000 miles. Good communication between all parties involved in a delivery is vital. It’s a bit of a pain at times, particularly when it’s mad busy on a Friday or at weekend, but it’s essential if we’re to try and avoid situations like this.

    We all f**k up now and again though don’t we?

  6. “You are legally required to have a duty paid certificate or all goods for resale or a zero rated invoice for goods that are being delivered to the end user”

    For intra EU transit of free circulation Community goods within the EU?

  7. Not at all Richard; in any other industry my bullshit would have been seen through years ago.

  8. Steph, Steph, Steph!!! Where have you been?????
    (or is it Sue, I forget?)

  9. I’ve just noticed that Sue said “bloody norah!!”
    I’ve now got a picture of a fortysomething (that’s ‘young bit of skirt’ to you Mike) “Love Thy Neighbour” fan. Brilliant!

    And now I’ve just realised where I’ve seen Honey’s mum (Eastenders) before – she was Jack’s wife on Love Thy Neighbour.

  10. Who was? Sue, Steph, Honey’s mum or the bloke delivering Mark’s Chicken (girly) Korma?

  11. Alec added on  February 2nd, 2007 at 19:13

    But don’t take your bitch-fight over there. it’s a nice ‘blue’ place rather than an angry ‘yellow/red’ place and Mike will just close the topic down if you start a ruck.

    Take a step back for now – I think you’ll learn something interesting in the next few days.

  12. Alec added on  February 2nd, 2007 at 19:49

    I’m staying out of it Mark, it’s none of my business (although that doesn’t normally stop me). Someone else will no doubt let you know what’s going on if they don’t mind their business affairs being made public.

    With that gob though I’d be surprised if everyone doesn’t know by tomorrow.

  13. Alec added on  February 2nd, 2007 at 21:26

    Now then. Just for the record:
    I’ve had some messages:


    Even though I’m not on CX, its nice to know that we still have friends who are..

    They are a little concerned so they keep forwarding emails to me with everyone comments…

    “I’m staying out of it Mark, it’s none of my business (although that doesn’t normally stop me). Someone else will no doubt let you know what’s going on if they don’t mind their business affairs being made public. With that gob though I’d be surprised if everyone doesn’t know by tomorrow.”

    Posted by Alec at 19:49 on 02/02/2007

    What makes you think that I’m all Gob ?


    Paul Duncan

    I replied:

    “Actually, not that it’s got anything to do with you, I was referring to another member, which should have been apparent by the response. I have no interest whatsoever in your ‘business’ (and I use the word very loosely) dealings.

    Now do fuck off and get a clue.”

    I received the reply:

    Smart reply from an uneducated person….!!

    Educated people don’t have to swear to get their point across.

    By the way, I wonder if you are as vocal when someone is in front of your face?

    Just for the record, I’ve replied:

    “I’ll take that as a threat then.

    At this point I will warn you that ANY further personal communication from you will be regarded by me as harassment and will as such be a criminal offence.

    I will report your criminal activities to the police if either I or my staff receive ANY type of communications from you in the future.

    Protection from Harassment At 1997.

    How’s that for uneducated? ”

    Somebody mentioned that this bloke was on some serious medication and had mental problems because of it. In hindsight maybe that really is the case.

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