Stupid F-ing Sunday jobs…

Thanks to Paulo at 247 Emergency Courier and Peter and Alan @ Locklink Logistics for helping me out with tonight’s stupid jobs.

Also thanks to the Highways Agency for shutting the M6 for no good reason and Green Flag for arriving almost an hour late and leaving me stranded in a pub all afternoon;-) My liver salutes your conspiracy.

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Posted by Alec at 8:52 pm, September 10, 2006

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  1. Exactly my point Mike. Imagine the mental turmoil being stuck in a forbidden place only 5 miles form home.

    Then the feckin boy barman skelped me for a fiver. Pint of Stella for me and a bag of nuts for Jack – a few minutes later when Anna asked for her change from a £20 and I’ve got £11 & some pieces in my pocket?? Got an extra 2 rounds on the house from the fuckers, but the Green Flag bloke just used a squirt of Ether to cure the untraceable random airblock on the Zafira CDTDI. That’s a new one on me for an airlock and for a modern engine – but it worked????

  2. Mark – very stupidly I took the wrong mobile out – the one without your number on it. If I’d taken the normal one out I’d have been calling you all afternoon to sort our problems out and to get the car recovered. Count yourself lucky.

  3. I don’t know the bhp of the Zafira – I only know that it’s big enough to carry me, Anna, the kids and the in-laws, with no room for excuses or for me to hide. And it’s for sale bcause I want something not QUITE so big.

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