ADR requirement?

As I understand it (and I’m not a DGSA so I could well be wrong) he could carry as much of it as he wanted in his car because ADR regulations only apply to goods vehicles.

The ADR ‘awareness’ get-out, for vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and less, ends on 1st January 2007, but in the case of this particular substance that wouldn’t make any difference anyway because it’s Transport Category 4. If you’ve had ‘awareness’ training you can carry as much of it as you want without full ADR and that won’t change after 1st January. Because it’s Class 1 you’ll need to have a suitable fire extinguisher, not smoke and make sure the load is supervised at all times if the weight of the actual explosives is over 50 kg and there’s a few other things you should at least check up on.

As Jerry says, if you don’t know what you’re allowed to carry and what you’re not then it’s probably better to leave it to someone who does know. That’s certainly what I do.

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Posted by Alec at 6:00 pm, September 9, 2006

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  1. Sorry if you took that last sentence the wrong way Mark – it was a general comment rather than being aimed at you. It was obvious from your question that you had a good grasp of what was required.

    MY point was that I don’t think HE does need training and documentation to carry it in his car.

    The 50kg thing is the weight of the actual explosives, rather than the weight of the goods and it only applies to the ‘supervision’ requirement.

  2. ….and of course I hadn’t read your last message when I posted that.

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