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Also removed my message on this thread saying “Pathetic, haven’t you got anything better to do?”
Please explain how that comment was not appropriate and show me the guidelines on appropriate material.

More importantly, please explain how a joke which racially stereotypes the Jewish race is ‘appropriate’ while a joke that makes fun of an Australian nutter with a now fulfilled death wish is ‘inappropriate’. You not only haven’t removed the racist joke but you’ve ignored and removed my complaint about it.

And again I ask why is the word ‘Bloody’ more acceptable than the non-word W**kers?

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Posted by Alec at 6:53 pm, September 8, 2006

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  1. I don’t actually Julian. At a guess I’d say the bloke was prodding, poking, trying to be pulled along by, or otherwise annoying this fish. It’s pretty hard to believe he just ‘happened’ to be swimming a few inches from it. If someone spends his whole life putting his life, and at times the life of his family, in danger for no good reason then it’s hard for me not to find it funny that one of the animals that he tormented to earn a living has struck back at him.

    Very sad for his family but I’m sure they realised that something like that may happen one day and as I don’t believe they’re likely to be ‘Network’ members it hardly matters if someone cracks a tasteless joke about the bloke on here.

    Just my opinion.

  2. But Julian, there are thousands of children dying, or being killed, in the third world, in Gaza, the West Bank, in Iraq, Somalia etc, every day. The outpouring of communal ‘grief’ and sympathy for a single celebrity death is quite sickening when viewed as part of the big picture.

    Just my opinion.

  3. And I suspect that he’d be one of the first to be cracking a joke about it under the circumstances. You English are just so uptight about things.

  4. Troy Tempest does have a lot to answer for though.

  5. Julian, the guy seemed to be a rather nice-to-know, pleasant enough, k**b that took stupid risks to entertain others and to earn a (very thick) crust. I’m sure he knew that one day some animal that he was prodding would see him off properly.

    He seemed to have a fantastic (archetypal Aussie) sense of humour and I’m sure he would have laughed at this himself if he knew it was going to happen – although he might not have gone for a swim that particular day!

    Everyone I know has laughed at this; do I really only know sick people or are there are few people on here being a bit precious?

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