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Well said Brian & Ali. You can bet your life that these people don’t pay their own, or their employees’, salaries a couple of months late so why should the owner-driver be last in the queue to be paid?

The answer of course is that the late payer (wrongly) believes that the owner-driver has no power and they can bully them with impunity.

I’ve said it a hundred times – if EVERYONE took advantage of the late payment legislation and charged penalty charges to late payers then this behaviour would stop overnight.

Nigle, thanks for being so up front about the failings of the rating system – that’s exactly the point I’ve been making for months. We need an ebay-style rating system so that performance as a ‘courier’ and performance as a ‘payer’ can be separated and we need to be able to look at a member’s CURRENT performance – not just the stars they’ve accumulated through 4 years of membership.

I asked ‘Network’ if, as we’re signatories of the Better Payment Practice Code, we could have their logo added to our directory entry. During the conversation I was a bit surprised to be told by the ‘Network’ staff member that I “shouldn’t be fighting other people’s battles for them”. I pointed out that if OUR valued suppliers are going out of business because of late payment then it’s as much my battle as it is their’s. I thought ‘Network’ were meant to be taking this late payment business seriously now?

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Posted by Alec at 10:08 am, September 2, 2006

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