Companies who Factor…

I had LTSB on the phone, ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON, chasing an invoice that they’re fully aware that their client issued in error and that a credit note has already been issued for – they’ve even sent a statement showing the credit note.

Useless w*****s.

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Posted by Alec at 6:17 pm, September 29, 2006

diesel …price watch

Fred, would you not be better with an Allstar account? You can still get your drivers to buy at pump prices at the supermarkets but you get a weekly VAT invoice instead of hundreds of bits of paper and you get 2 weeks credit.

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Posted by Alec at 8:25 am, September 29, 2006

118 trades

Never dealt with them – except to tell them to F*** off every time they ring. They’re an obvious con though – trading on the back of their links with the ‘Verification Association’, which is actually a limited company owned by the same people.

And then there’s all this stuff.

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Posted by Alec at 2:26 pm, September 26, 2006

Incorrect Post Code ON GTM

Even if you know the postcode at the time you enter the GTM (and sometimes you don’t) you actually CAN’T enter some postcodes on ‘Network’ so you have to enter the town name instead. When I enter ‘London’ into ‘Network’ for a GTM it shows on the screen as “London, London Central, E1 0 – WC2′ – I’ve been told by some people that shows up as London E1 0 when it goes through as a text alert – is that right?
If I want to enter ‘Old Trafford’ I can’t, and M32 gives me the choice of ‘Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1 – M99 1’ or ‘Irlam, Greater Manchester, M30 6 – M44 5’. Because I know the area I know that there’s potentially 25 miles from one ‘M’ postcode to another and it’s 12 miles from Irlam to Old Trafford. So I’d enter the GTM as either ‘Stretford’ or ‘Trafford Park’. If I hit the same problem in, say, Leicester I’d probably just accept the ‘Network’ suggestion – particularly if I was in a hurry. If I’ve got time I’ll put the actual postcodes in the job notes – or I’ll enter the actual mileage – but you won’t see them on a GTM text alert.

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Posted by Alec at 12:09 pm, September 23, 2006

Crackdown on non standard numberplates

The crackdown is because they need the number plates to be readable by their ANPR cameras.

That’s EXACTLY how they deal with a lot of serious crime nowadays – including part of the ongoing campaign against terrorists.

Don’t mock it, it works apparently. Anyone notice the randomly parked (non-traffic) police cars with ANPR cameras parked on every motorway route towards major airports over the last couple of weeks?

They can now check on ownership, road tax, insurance and MOT status instantly, as long as their cameras can read the number plate. Surely that’s agood thing? It gets uninsured/untaxed etc drivers off the road, which I think we all want. It also allows the police to target these drivers and discover that they’re almost invariably involved in some other illegal activity.

Of course they can also enter your vehicle reg into their system and work out your exact movements for the last few weeks, but who’s worried about that?

Now if VOSA start doing that………

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Posted by Alec at 5:38 pm, September 18, 2006

Naughty? Par for the course? Or am I niave?

That would be me then would it Andy?  With that last comment in mind please feel free to continue to never carry out any work for us.

You bid on a couple of jobs and were unsuccessful for whatever reason. You then decide that because we didn’t actively seek you out to carry out work for us in preference over our regular suppliers that you won’t bid on any more of our work? It’s a poor salesman that gives up on a potential sale with so little effort.

Oddly enough, most of our regular suppliers become regular suppliers by phoning to offer to help out with those “many” problem jobs that come up in the late afternoon. Those regular suppliers are then given preference over unknown suppliers when it comes to our other work – that’s only fair.

No doubt we successfully covered every job that you didn’t bid on, so no problems there. It would seem then that there’s only one party that’s lost out because of your apparent boycott of our work….

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What would you do?

Autoroute says that the correct route is through Switzerland but obviously there’s a lot of people on here that know better than to do that. It does seem odd that someone would choose that route when they were apparently fully aware that they didn’t have the correct paperwork to cross the border. Going through France would have added 40 miles & tolls, going through Austria would have added 80 miles.

I think you should now maybe both take the ‘shit happens’ approach?

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Posted by Alec at 4:39 pm, September 15, 2006

Overnight Parcel Service

Quite. Not to mention risking the chance of upsetting your best same-day customer because their 0900 delivery to Exeter has ended up in Inverness.

We offer an (expensive ) overnight service on an ad hoc basis, i.e. to customers who just send an occasional one or two deliveries out, or customers who’ve missed the cut-off for their normal carrier. We use several of the major carriers and carry out the collections on an on-demand basis. All customers are warned of the vagaries of the overnight networks and advised against sending important, time-sensitive items that way.

We’d never do an overnight for a private individual – there’s just too much to go wrong and there’s every chance that your carefully worded Conditions of Carriage will turn out to be totally worthless when you try to use them to avoid liability in respect of a Consumer transaction. Consumers have far too many rights these days to risk doing business with them.

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Posted by Alec at 1:12 pm, September 15, 2006