Official Picket

Picket lines aren’t what they were pre-Thatcher Fred. I think they’re only allowed 6 people on picket and they’re not allowed to obstruct vehicles.

TNT established itself in the UK by being seen on the news every night for a year crossing the Wapping picket line in the 80s.

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Posted by Alec at 8:16 am, August 26, 2006

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  1. Alec added on  August 26th, 2006 at 16:56

    Why SHOULD anyone respect a picket line nowadays? National Minimum Wage is about to go up to £5.35 ph and everyone’s entitled to 20 days holiday a year. Most strikes nowadays are by people insisting on 35 hour working weeks, protesting about the lack of parking spaces or complaining that their ‘closed shop’ arrangements are being pushed aside by management.

    As a rule most of these strikers are in better financial positions than most workers in transport, so why should we give a damn about them?

    About 18 years ago I walked out of my first courier job. As a 22 year-old owner-driver I’d been told that I ‘MUST’ deliver my regular consignment to Express Gifts at Preston even though I’d warned my knob of a ‘boss’ that there was a strike on. I drove slowly through the (very small) picket line, looking straight ahead, I made my delivery and drove away. 10 minutes later the ‘knob’ rang me telling me that there’d been a complaint from the customer about my behaviour.

    I told him to fuck off and I’ve never looked back or spoken to him since.

    There’s plenty of jobs about if people want them, so surely if you don’t like your employer’s conditions you should just fuck off and find something better – without expecting other people to risk their own income to support you.

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