Confidentiality Agreement for Same Day Courier Employees

A confidentiality agreement will stand up in court EVERY TIME, if you can demonstrate ‘in the balance of probability’ that a party to the agreement has used confidential information to your detriment. It’s likely to be a long drawn-out process though and it’s not likely to be worth going to court over it unless the guilty party has very deep pockets.

What will normally never be enforceable is an agreement not to compete – ‘can’t be employed in the same industry within an 50 mile radius of XYXtown’ etc – unless a very significant sum has been paid in order to compensate for the inability to carry out their trade in their chosen area.

It’s much easier to tie your customers to ‘introduction fees’ if they decide to cut out the middle man and approach your suppliers or employees direct, or to accept their approaches.

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Posted by Alec at 5:48 pm, August 4, 2006

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