There’s a free-to-use rating system just like ebay’s available at It can even be incorporated into commercial websites (like ‘Network’ for example) – if anyone can be bothered.

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Posted by Alec at 5:06 pm, July 12, 2006

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  1. Alec added on  July 12th, 2006 at 17:20

    There’s also chat forum software vBulletin which could integrate with the site and is used (for example) at to provide a rating system – just click on the ‘Trader Rating’ number on the left of each message.

  2. Alec added on  July 13th, 2006 at 20:01

    We went through all this at least 12 months ago and it’s been raised every week since then. The rating system doesn’t work because it’s too much of a blunt tool.

    Firstly, the ratings are cumulative, so that if you join ‘Network’ as an owner-driver, perform well for a few months and earn 5 stars you’ll ALWAYS have those 5 stars. If you change to a company, offer a mediocre service for the next 4 years, pay on 60 days and nobody bothers to rate you then you’ll STILL have 5 stars. This allows members to trade on their previous performance rather than their current performance and lulls people into a false sense of security. It also favours long-standing members heavily – averagely performing members who’ve been around for a few years look like they’re better than more recent members who have had less time to accrue ratings.

    Secondly, it’s much harder to give someone a negative rating than a positive one. Positive ratings are just accepted without any follow-up whereas giving someone a negative rating involves a long, drawn-out process that I for one can’t be arsed with. Add this to the understandable reluctance to openly criticise people for minor mistakes and it means that most negative ratings never actually get made.

    Thirdly, ratings for fast (or slow) payment are lumped in with ratings for provision of courier services – WHY? Does the fact that someone pays quickly mean that they’re the first company you should call in an area when you’ve got an urgent collection? Does the fact that an owner driver has been on ‘Network’ for years, does a decent job as a courier and gets rated by all his customers every 3 months mean that you can trust him to pay you on time?

    When we first joined ‘Network’ I thought that ratings only lasted for 3 months – it seemed logical that that was the case since you can rate someone every 3 months. This is how it SHOULD be – you should be rated on your recent performance, not your historical performance, or at least it should be possible to view a member’s recent ratings separately from their older ones.

    We deserve NO stars as couriers – we’ve done less than 10 jobs for ‘Network’ members in the last 12 months, yet we’re rated higher than 1st Express, Aries, Advantage and others help out other ‘Network’ members on a daily basis without fault.

    I need to be able to look at a company’s ratings and decide whether I trust them with our work. Other members need to be able to look at ratings and decide whether they’re likely to get paid on time. It’s two different things and it MUST be treated that way.

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